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CPA was the topic at this weeks SUN (Service User Network) meeting in Leeds.  Minutes from this will be posted on here once they are complete.  The event was well attended and it provided an opportunity for people to share some of their thoughts and ideas about some of the fundamentals about CPA.  These questions were asked and the responses are shared here too (yes, I checked that people were happy for this to go on the blog), please share your views and responses to the questions, the favoured terms will be identified and put to a vote early Jan 2014:-

Q.1 What should we call it when people are not on CPA?

CPA Lite Support Plan About Me
My Support My Plan Life Plan
Freedom Plan Update Plan Wellbeing Plan
Recovery Plan Standard Care Plan Care Plan

Should we have another name for CPA  – If so, what?

Coordinated Care Approach Coordinated Care Shared Care Plan

Q2. What should we call the CARE PLAN?

Moving Forward Life Plan Management Plan
Life Management plan Personal Plan My Plan
The Me Plan The All About Me Plan Life Control Plan

Q3. What should be in your care plan?

  • Support in achieving your goals (not service goals or professional)
  • Structure of care plan defined by others eg. service/government; we need more control over this.
  • Make it more personal or individual
  • FamilyContacts/ contact details and telephone numbers for support out of hours
  • Having access to your own care plan
  • Other services you are involved with
  • Hopes for the future/goals/dreams
  • Friendships/ important people to me
  • What is important in your life/ what is meaningful
  • Relationships
  • Keeping in touch with people  – can be complicated, may be relationships with staff who have known you for years
  • Staff can be important to help us maintain friendships etc
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Sometimes feels like a tick box exercise for professionals
  • How focused are they on us? and our needs
  • We need choice about who the care coordinator is – i don’t want my psychiatrist to be
  • I want more choice about professionals involved in my care – I need a CPN, i need more support, the support I need
  • More choice, power and control in the process, what is important to us

Help with using PLAIN ENGLISH was asked for:-

What we currently say/use:

Suggestions made by SUN members:
Mental Health and/or Learning Disability Feeling Well
Physical Health Staying Well
Social, Occupational & VocationalWork, training, education and meaningful activity Life & WorkPersonal Self Care


Medication Tablets, injections & medicineMedsPills
DischargeDischarge Planning Come out of hospitalStop using servicesStop seeing someoneMoving on
Family & CarersCarers People important to meSupporters
Housing Where you liveHome
Finances MoneyBenefits advice & support(anxiety, fear, panic, stress about money, benefit reviews)
Supporting parents & Safeguarding Children (more support for parents whose children are in care eg. groups)
Substance Use Alcohol, drugs & smokingAddictions in general
Capacity IssuesMental Capacity Act (not assuming people don’t have capacity, more personal choice, more weight given to advance statements/decisions)
Engagement ConnectionRelationships(Engagement of services with us not just the other way around)
Safety & Risk Staying SafeKeeping SafeThings to keep me safe

Comments on: "Is ‘Care Plan’ the right term these days? Have your say" (3)

  1. From Bev:-

    Bev said: December 15, 2013 at 2:53 pm

    I think we need to change the name at a meeting i attended the other day My Plan came out as favorite or My Life Plan? We need to emphasize the importance of the plan to everyone and ensure it is kept up to date with any changes in the person’s life. We need to ensure continuity and regular contact with people. When staff are on holiday’s sometimes we have no contact. My CPN left recently and it took over a few weeks to be allocated another, they then said that i don’t need any interventions? My psychiatrist differed and asked that i be seen. Not very professional. Also staff have too many on there case load so can’t give quality time that is needed in order to help a person on the road to recovery.


  2. lynne maskill said:

    It was good to see the comments and suggestions from the SUN group yesterday. I was able to show the blog to a group of practitioners attending the CPA training yesterday and helpful to have a reminder about using plain english.

    One comment made was that it should be up to the person using services as to what they call the care plan, as long as the term is understood both by the person themselves and the people involved in offering them support.


    • Thanks for sharing Lynne, so the idea would be that rather than looking for a new name for the ‘care plan’ each person would have their’s called whatever they prefer….. i like this idea, it’s way more individualised.

      What do people think?
      What should the ‘default’ name for the Care Plan be?


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