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Voting closes on the 31st  January; thank you for taking the time to consider this important issue.


Comments on: "A new name for ‘CPA Care Plan’ – its time to vote!!" (8)

  1. LYPFT do not have the legal right to change, alter, amend DoH documents/guidelines though will most likely insist it’s their interpretation, which is NOT acceptable. Looking at the figures those general consensus of opinion is to leave CPA as it is. Do LYPFT really need to spend questionable amounts of money in such a worthless exercise???


    • Hi Amanda,

      Thank you for sharing your views; the voting has a further day to go, and yes, at present around 39% of people are preferring to leave the name as it is.

      This exercise presents people with the opportunity to influence the arrrangements for Planning Care; asking these questions helps shape the way things are done and involving people in the discussion is important.

      best wishes



  2. Comment received via email:

    My Care Plan


  3. The name of the CPA Care Plan was discussed at this weeks Service User Network meeting, people were thanked for the names that they had originally suggested at the December 2013 meeting and that they are now being voted upon. The majority of people at the meeting cast their vote;

    Just an update of the various comments that I have had from people via email:-

    “Ward 2 Bootham Park Hospital comments included – ‘why change it?’ ‘We all know what it is – I don’t need any more confusion’. ‘It’s fine’
    There have been concerns expressed about whether the name can be changed locally as it was thought that CPA Care Plan was a national initiative and therefore should be kept in line with national standards.
    People (patients and staff) are concerned that there will be confusion if a new name is adopted. The other patients who were interested in a name change were pretty widely split about what they would like.”

    “I strongly suggest that anything including life is not a good idea as it will encourage clients to feel we are going to be directing or taking responsibility for bit’s of their life, which are nothing to do with services.”

    “CPA care plan- leave it as it is!
    -All the others have lost ‘CPA’ from them.
    -We are all having enough change as it is!!”

    “CPA – No one knew what it stood for.
    Described what meetings were about
    Care plan – popular name for CPA.”

    And some the names that were not included in the vote:-
    “My care plan”

    So, as the voting stands, 32% of people are voting to leave the name as it is, with the remaining 68% voting for a change in name. Voting ends at the end of January, thank you all for taking the time to express your views and to vote.



  4. Care plan is too outdated and refers to being cared for, as if someone is sick. We are not sick just facing mental health challenges/relapsing.
    I prefer any name which mentions recovery plan/my plan. That is then giving ownership back to us the public. This will also encourage staff to get us involved more in our plan.
    The other thing is feedback from the SUN of which i chair is that everyone in secondary mental health care should have a plan and given the same treatment as everyone. This needs addressing.


    • Hi Bev,

      Thank you for your comments. Just to clarify, is the feedback from the SUN that everyone should have the same plan (format) regardless of if they are on CPA or not?


  5. Comment left via Twitter:

    I think it should be called a recovery plan and path (@valeriewalsh19)


    • Comment left via Twitter:

      Even after all these years “CPA” is jargon espec 4 new service users/carers. How about just “Care Plan”? @chrisbutlernhs


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