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Big thank you’s to the 273 of you who recently voted about the name of the CPA Care Plan in Leeds and York. Your votes told us that over half (62%) of people want to change the name. Agreement is now sought as to what this other name should be, so please vote again to let us know your preference….

Thank you for taking the time to vote; the voting will be open until 10th March 2014.

Comments on: "The name of the CPA Care Plan in York & Leeds is changing…….." (12)

  1. Email message received; shared here with Louises permission

    Hi Donna
    Have voted in the CPA name change poll. Just want to raise concern about the name Wellbeing and Recovery Plan. We work with SUs who have dementia and the word recovery has connotations of ‘getting better from’. I appreciate the recovery movement is more about ‘living well with’ than ‘cure’ but to a lot of lay people it still has that association with cure. I therefore don’t think it is an appropriate name for something meant to be suitable for all SUs.

    Kind regards

    Dr Louise Bergin
    Clinical Psychologist


  2. Another couple of comments………

    Emz said: 17/02/2014 at 12:27 am

    Being an RMN and a service user I have been looking at this with both my hats on. As a nurse I don’t think it really matters what we call it from our perspective, the important thing is that it is completed holistically and realistically.
    As a patient I think CPA can be misleading – Care Programme Approach sounds like so much public sector flannel and when it is explained to you you do sort of turn round and think “well yeah, but I expect you to use care planning in order to support me”.
    I like the suggestions that have been put forward that make the whole thing sound more patient/service user orientated. These feel more empowering to the person using the service; it makes it feel more like “yeah this is about me, and the people that support me” rather than “this is what the health professionals say I should do”.
    Equally I don’t like the “Life Plan” and “Moving Forward” type suggestions; to me these sound patronising. When you suffer from mental health issues the last thing you want to feel is that your mental health is ruling your life. Your “Life Plan” is about friends, family, children, holidays etc, things that you take mental snapshots of to cherish. You wouldn’t ask an asthmatic or someone with breast cancer to title their health plan “My Life Plan”. So why expect people with mental health issues to do the same?
    Ultimately, although the CPA Care Plan is a focal point it is simply a component of recovery and of people’s lives, therefore needs to be equally proportionate between positivity and reality. By this I mean it should convey the fact that it is a care plan, but imply hope and positivity. There is no doubt the current title needs simplifying and reorientating back to the service user, but let’s not go too far and make assumptions that this will be the defining document/plan of people’s lives.

    catherine mason said: 13/02/2014 at 9:24 am

    I would like the CPA to be renamed the Care and Recovery Plan
    Which encompasses the holistic approach to the client.


  3. Hazel Gregory said:

    I think the inclusion of the word “recovery” in the title doesn’t take into account all the people whose condition is degenerative eg some type of dementia. “Care and wellbeing” would be much more appropriate.


  4. Message received from Gary via email and posted with his agreement:


    This seems somewhat unfair to me, in an election sense.

    My reckoning is that 38% of people wanted to call it a CPA plan, as in just keeping the same name.

    If all the other names had 62% of the vote it must have been spread thinner than the 38% for CPA, so I reckon that CPA may have had the majority single vote – so why is that not there as one of the alternative names?



    • Hi Gary,

      I take you point – it was a difficult choice in so much as you say – if we took the first past the post approach then it would have been CPA Care Plan leave it as it is. End of story. But, there were other choices there too hence the interpretation of 62% choosing something else versus 38% wanting to keep it the same.

      On reflection, I would have done a different initial vote “CPA Care Plan – keep it as it is or change the name” followed by another vote of possible names if the vote had been in favour of change.

      So, in light of there being two ways of interpreting the vote results I took it to the Planning Care Work-plan Implementation Group for direction (clever folk there) and it was decided that the voting told us that people do want to change the name and that a second vote would determine what that name should be. So here we are.

      Hope this throws a bit of light – is it ok to put your comment on the Planning Care Network? – there may well be other folk raising the same point as you do



  5. Tim Chippendale (staff member) said:

    I prefer to keep things simple, honest and direct. My Plan or My Care Plan are preferred if it is necessary to move away from CPA Care Plan. I am less keen on woolly terms such as My Life Plan or Moving Forward. I think it diminishes what we do and makes it sound like we are authors of some of those dreadful ‘self-help’ books.


  6. yorkcarersforum@tiscali.co.uk said:

    Hello Donna, Well this all looks good, at last I feel the divide closing re Leeds and York. It was good to meet you at the meeting(conversations) with Andrew the other week. Do keep us in the loop.

    Kind Regards Katie


    01904 422437



    • Likewise Katie, let me know if there is anything that you want to post regarding York Carers Forum and your feedback is always welcomed!


  7. Seems LYPFT are a ‘law unto themselves’ and will do anything and everything to achieve political aims. Leeds SUN decides to change the name of CPA, which is unlawful, so LYPFT get there way. How about NO DECISION ABOUT ME WITHOUT ME? I will not accept this change, ad LYPFT will now need to seek legal advice as I plan to legally challenge this owed game via Judicial Review as LYPFT do NOT have the legal right to change or amend Department of Health guidelines and policies.

    I have never in my life been so disgusted at the under hand ways in which a so called service has conducted it self. I want NOTHING to do with LYPFT and the sooner York returns to York governance the better.


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