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Recent revisions to the Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s (LYPFT) Faith and Spirituality Guide in consultation with our staff, faith volunteers and partner organisations aims to develop an inclusive tool which  considers the spiritual needs of all individuals as well as those that follow a specific belief or world faith.

spirituality and faith guide

The guide’s prologue provides a reflective observation into developing spiritual practice through recognising one’s own spiritual values and skills. This is further explored through understanding and addressing spiritual needs for people accessing Trust services, carers and staff.

In addition to the section on World Faiths which offers guidance and best practice on a number of world faiths, the chapter on Cultural & Community Awareness provides specific notes to Trust services on working effectively with Asylum Seekers and Refugees, The Deaf Community and Gypsy and Travelling Communities.  Continent and Country Profiles provide a summary context of both indigenous and migrant communities and areas for consideration by services.

The section Cultural Norms and Traditions provides a brief awareness of a number of considerations that should be given to e.g. naming systems, dietary needs, dress, festivals etc.

Essentially, the Guide serves to provide an awareness tool on the spiritual and cultural dimensions and needs of others, additionally providing staff with the skills and assessment criteria to base well-informed and appropriate spiritual support and care.

The full Guide can be found here; do let us know what you think and how this is helpful to your understanding or clinical practice.

Ruby Sagoo | Diversity & Inclusion Project Manager | LYPFT


Comments on: "Faith & Spirituality Guide" (2)

  1. yorkcarersforum@tiscali.co.uk said:

    Hello Donna, Would it be possible to have a hard copy? I would like to show to some of our carers. Irene and I are Christians and we have a prayer group for carers (ALL MEMBERS ARE CARERS), they can ask for us to pray for their issues (in fact anything), often from people with no faith of their own, we have spoken at End of Life events re our mothers E O L. And have given help/support to carers putting Funeral services together AND have lead a full service for a carer who had no faith and needed help saying good bye to their wife (that was a hard one) .
    Kind Regards Katie
    01904 422437
    YO32 9TG


    • Hi Katie

      Thanks for your email and yes that’s fine, I’ll send a Guide through to you via the post. I do hope you find the tool supportive and it would be good to receive feedback from carers and staff alike on how useful the information included has been.

      Please note, we have a very limited supply of hard copies and therefore am restricted in terms of quantity I can send out.

      Kind Regards

      Ruby Sagoo
      Diversity & Inclusion Project Manager


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