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Hi, my name is Steve Taylor and I manage of the carers team in Leeds at Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

I am in the process of developing a ‘Carers Resource Folder’ and am keen to get your views and feedback on it.

The folder comprises of a series of fact Sheets that carers can pick up as they go through their own  ‘journey’ of mental health services.carers resource pack

There will be a core number of sheet (information that is relevant) to all Mental Health carers and others that are service specific.

By introducing the information as a series of ‘fact sheets’ means that it keeps cost low and information would be able to be updated easier.

Click here to view the Resource Pack 

All ‘fact sheets would be available to download or view from LYPFT external website.

Please consider:

  • The overall presentation
  • The wording – is it understandable? is it in plain English?
  • The layout
  • The content – is it enough information, too much?

Can you please post your comments here or feel free to email them to me stephen.taylor3@nhs.net  by 14th April 2014

Many thanks



Comments on: "Carers Resource Folder – feedback request" (5)

  1. Alastair said:

    Hi there,

    Great stuff! One other possible thing to think about is that Word might not be the best file format to use for the finished version(s). Not everybody has Word at home, particularly if people are looking at the info sheets on tablets etc.

    PDFs might be a better option once things start getting finalised. Just a thought!


  2. lynne maskill said:

    Hi Steve

    Really like the format of using separate sheets and these being part of a folder. I have a few comments and suggestions about wording which I’ll let you know about over the phone-yes still getting used to blogging!


  3. Hi Steve,

    This is good work in progress; definitely useful information. Is there something similar for York and North Yorks? – this seems to be more for Leeds but there is a good deal of it that would be relevant across both cities.

    I have a few suggested amends regarding the CPA wording – I will email over if thats ok.



  4. Feedback received via Twitter DM:

    1 bit of feedback – not to use word ‘burden’ under Rights as a carer – maybe ‘lighten the load’ instead. Burden has v negative connotations


    • Thank you for this comment. I agree that the word does have a neagtive connotation and would not be true of all carers expereinces. ‘Lighten the Load’ seems to be a better alternative.


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