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Your Voice Counts – help shape LYPFT’s future direction


online conversaton

Throughout March, 10 staff-listening events we held across our Trust, in which over 200 staff shared their views about their experience of working here and the experience we provide to the communities we serve.

The commitment and compassion of everyone was impressive. All staff want to do a great job and feel proud of the quality of care we provide. We agreed that staff need time to develop meaningful relationships with service users and carers to support people to improve their lives.

Together, we also agreed some changes that we are going to make this year and agreed that we need real clarity about our future direction. With a shared understanding of where we’re all going, we’ll be more likely to pull in the same direction and consistently deliver the highest quality services that everyone wants.

We must create this future direction together with service users, carers, Trust members and other stakeholders. Specifically, we need to:

 re-imagine what the future of our Trust might look like – what impact could we have together if everything we did was outstanding;
 agree the expectations we should have for ourselves and each other; and
 develop a shared plan for the next five years.

I recognise that we’ve not listened as well as we could have done in the past. That’s why we’re going to do it differently this time.

From 20 April, you are invited to an online conversation where we will ask you to re-imagine the future of our Trust. Together, we will agree the difference we want to make to the communities we serve.

Towards the end of May, we will invite you to another online conversation to support us with our plans and by July, we will have built in partnership a new vision for our Trust and agreed our values and our plan for the next five years. Your voice counts in our journey.

Please visit www.YourVoiceCounts.org.uk to get involved.


Acute Psychiatric Liaison Service, Leeds – what’s your view?

Have you or someone you know or care for had experience of using the Acute Psychiatric Liaison Service (ALPS) in Leeds?

The ALPS team are looking for people to contribute their views at an event on the afternoon of Wednesday 16 September 1.40 – 2.20 at the Becklin Centre, Leeds.

You will be asked some questions about your experience of using this service. You will also have the opportunity to suggest any ideas for changes or improvements you’d like to see. Please see the flyer here for more information.

ALPS will cover travel expenses and pay £10 to cover time

If you are interested in attending the event, or to receive more information, please contact Paul Fotherby, Clinical Team Manager (Acting), Acute Liaison Psychiatric Service (ALPS), Telephone 0113 8556730 or email paulfotherby@nhs.net

Choice: a priority for people accessing mental health services?

At Leeds and York Partnership  NHS Foundation Trust we are developing guidance for staff to help ensure that people are offered choice, including choice of worker. What is your view on people being offered a choice of worker? Please complete this quick poll, responses are anonymous.

If you would like to contribute to the development of this guidance or want to share your views to inform its development, then please contact donna.kemp@nhs.net Click here to read the comments from Twitter

Choice is a hot topic in Mental Health at the moment. People will be able to choose where they have their first outpatient appointment under choose and book, providing equal status between physical and mental health services.  This is a welcome move, but is only part of the story; Dr Sean Lennon writes about the broader picture of choice, of collaborating with service users, empowering people to make autonomous decisions about their own care and lives “Mental health service users are no different from anyone else in that they want to be able to exercise choice. They want to be treated with respect and be supported by skilled staff to receive high-quality care. Freedom of choice is absolutely fundamental to these aspirations”. You can read the full story here.

Locally, people attending the Service User Network (SUN) pulled together their views about choice and how they want to be treated within mental health services. The discussions were lively – clearly people had strong views about this and there were many stories highlighting the importance of choice and how it makes a difference to the persons experience and their progress. You can read about ‘Choice and how people want to be treated: key messages from SUN’ here.  There is more information about Leeds SUN here; you can click here for details about a developing service user group in York and there is also the Independent Mental Health Service User Forum, you can read about how to contact them and what they do here.


Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat – have your say in Leeds

crisis care concordat

Carers Resource Folder – feedback request

Hi, my name is Steve Taylor and I manage of the carers team in Leeds at Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

I am in the process of developing a ‘Carers Resource Folder’ and am keen to get your views and feedback on it.

The folder comprises of a series of fact Sheets that carers can pick up as they go through their own  ‘journey’ of mental health services.carers resource pack

There will be a core number of sheet (information that is relevant) to all Mental Health carers and others that are service specific.

By introducing the information as a series of ‘fact sheets’ means that it keeps cost low and information would be able to be updated easier.

Click here to view the Resource Pack 

All ‘fact sheets would be available to download or view from LYPFT external website.

Please consider:

  • The overall presentation
  • The wording – is it understandable? is it in plain English?
  • The layout
  • The content – is it enough information, too much?

Can you please post your comments here or feel free to email them to me stephen.taylor3@nhs.net  by 14th April 2014

Many thanks



The name of the CPA Care Plan in York & Leeds is changing……..

Big thank you’s to the 273 of you who recently voted about the name of the CPA Care Plan in Leeds and York. Your votes told us that over half (62%) of people want to change the name. Agreement is now sought as to what this other name should be, so please vote again to let us know your preference….

Thank you for taking the time to vote; the voting will be open until 10th March 2014.

An update on proposed changes to the ‘CPA Care Plan’

Update @ 2nd June 2015

My Wellbeing and Recovery Plan will be launched on 8th June 2015; click here for more information.

Donna Kemp

It is now agreed, with thanks to your feedback, voting and discussions at the Service User Network, that the new name for the CPA Care Plan will be My Wellbeing & Recovery Plan. To be clear, this only relates to the care plan, CPA as an approach, framework, process to support people, remains the same.

This change, alongside others relating to the care plan (see below) will come about over the coming months; I will update nearer the time.


Update @ 25th Feb 2014

Many thanks to those of you who let me know your views about the proposed changes to the CPA Care Plan (yes, the name is being voted upon currently but for now I will refer to it as the CPA Care Plan). There are a number of comments on this post, plus emails and a few of you let me know your views in passing.

The full proposed changes can be found here; the main points you made and the changes to come are:

1. You said that the wording for ‘occupying my time’ was not quite right.

The new wording will be ‘Making the most of my time’; this replaces two of the previous domains in the CPA Care Plan

2.  You said that it’s mighty annoying to have to tick lots of boxes just to be able to save the document for later; and, that there is no way to go back to the form to make changes after discussion with the individual.

The ‘review questions will no longer be mandatory.  They do however have clinical relevance and will form part of the full CPA review and as such will need completing. Additionally, the questions will reduce to a yes response rather than a yes/no response where possible; and the focus around offering the care plan will shift to giving the care plan and when this happens (in response to service users telling us that they don’t have a care plan). The aim of this change is to allow clinicians/practitioners to work flexibly. This change will be reviewed after 6 months.

3. The CPA Audit told us that the timeframes for completing actions agreed in the care plan were not always completed.

The 4 sections in the care plan were 1. Goal  2. Action agreed 3. Who is involved 4. The time frames. These are to be restructured to 2 sections:

1. Goals

2. Who is doing what and when/how often?

The aim of this is to provide clinicians/practitioners with a tool that they can use creatively, encouraging staff to record in a way that is more person-centred and less service driven/rigid.

4. The ‘useful contacts’ in the crisis plan section is not always appropriate to people

Ideally this will be made editable so that it can be deleted out or amended; this will have contacts for York and North Yorks added too, once agreed what they need to be.

Next steps will be to formally request the changes; updates will be posted

Donna Kemp

CPA Development Manager

Original Post:

The CPA Care Plan (*name currently under review) has 2 aspects to it.

1. The electronic form (that we see on PARIS – the electronic patient record)

2. The printed Care Plan (that we print from PARIS)

In preparation for Integrated Care Pathways (ICP’s),  in readiness for PARIS becoming available in York and North Yorks and because it has been in use for 3 years, there are some proposed changes to the  electronic form that I would like to consult with staff upon over the next 4 weeks. There may also be changes that you would like to see, that are evident from working with the care plan over time – please share these suggestions on here or via donna.kemp@nhs.net

The proposed changes include the following (click on pic to enlarge it):-

Care plan section 1

CPA Care Plan proposed changes to section 1 – changes to better support flexible, service user focused reviews

care plan section 2

CPA Care Plan proposed changes to section 2 – to reduce questions where possible; to use plain language

CPA Care Plan proposed changes to section 3

CPA Care Plan proposed changes to section 3 – change to section header; reduction in number of boxes to fill – providing more flexibility for care coordinator in completing the care plan with the individual

care plan section 4

CPA Care Plan proposed changes to section 4 – changes to the section headings in response to Service User Network feedback and better use of plain English

CPA Care Plan proposed changes to section 5

CPA Care Plan proposed changes to section 5 – Feedback needed as to what useful contacts should be listed for York and North Yorks, please consider that this is used across all services working with CPA

You can see the changes within the full document here CPA Care Plan content review 2014

Can staff and services please consider the proposed changes and post feedback as comments below or email donna.kemp@nhs.net by 20th February 2014

Many thanks

Donna Kemp

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