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Your Voice Counts – help shape LYPFT’s future direction


online conversaton

Throughout March, 10 staff-listening events we held across our Trust, in which over 200 staff shared their views about their experience of working here and the experience we provide to the communities we serve.

The commitment and compassion of everyone was impressive. All staff want to do a great job and feel proud of the quality of care we provide. We agreed that staff need time to develop meaningful relationships with service users and carers to support people to improve their lives.

Together, we also agreed some changes that we are going to make this year and agreed that we need real clarity about our future direction. With a shared understanding of where we’re all going, we’ll be more likely to pull in the same direction and consistently deliver the highest quality services that everyone wants.

We must create this future direction together with service users, carers, Trust members and other stakeholders. Specifically, we need to:

 re-imagine what the future of our Trust might look like – what impact could we have together if everything we did was outstanding;
 agree the expectations we should have for ourselves and each other; and
 develop a shared plan for the next five years.

I recognise that we’ve not listened as well as we could have done in the past. That’s why we’re going to do it differently this time.

From 20 April, you are invited to an online conversation where we will ask you to re-imagine the future of our Trust. Together, we will agree the difference we want to make to the communities we serve.

Towards the end of May, we will invite you to another online conversation to support us with our plans and by July, we will have built in partnership a new vision for our Trust and agreed our values and our plan for the next five years. Your voice counts in our journey.

Please visit www.YourVoiceCounts.org.uk to get involved.


Mediaclip for staff training – participants wanted

Do you currently receive community services from LYPFT, or have in the last 12 months? Are you a carer of someone accessing LYPFT community services?

If so, and your care is arranged through Care Programme Approach, by sharing your story and experiences digitally you can help improve services through helping us understand what we do well, and where we can improve. Your experience would be used for staff training and for general mental health and carer awareness across the Trust and with the general public.video1-

Areas to understand include: assessment; care coordination; care planning; review; working with others including carers. Also your understanding of recovery and wellbeing.

Digital recording will be on the 17th and 20th of November, it will take no longer than two hours. If you would like to participate or would like more information then please contact Donna Kemp donna.kemp@nhs.net 07985259082

Thank you!inkwell nov


Co-production of crisis plans – can you help?

We are setting up the group to improve crisis plans so that service users will be able to say “I am supported to develop a plan for how I wish to be treated if I experience a crisis in the future and there is an agreed strategy for how this will be carried out.”

We talked about this at the York Service User Network on the 25th June and agreed that we needed another meeting so that people could give their views.

I would like to invite you to a meeting on the morning of Thursday 16th July 2015 in York, if you would like to come along, then please contact j.whiley@nhs.net for further details.

If you can’t come to the meeting or prefer to offer your views by email, then please see below; you can leave your responses as comments on the blog or email j.whiley@nhs.net or donna.kemp@nhs.net 

Co-production of Crisis Plans Group

Questions for service users

Please help us understand how to involve you to improve the way that we work with people to co-produce crisis plans.

This work should be Coproduced and Accessible. Please can you help us by answering the questions below?

coproduced accessible

  1. How can we improve or change how we describe what Co-production means?
  1. Who should attend the group?
  1. How should decisions be made in the group?
  1. What else can we do to make the work of the group a Coproduction?
  1. How can we improve or change how we describe what “accessible” means?
  1. How can we make sure the group is accessible?
  1. Are there any rules or standards we should agree to make the group accessible?
  1. Do you have any other comments?


Co-production of crisis plans – involvment opportunity

Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust (LYPFT) Involvement Opportunity:

 Co-production of Crisis Plans

We are looking for people to be part of a group focusing on improving the quality of crisis plans.

crisis plans

Click for full flyer

The aim of the group is:

  1. To agree what ‘co-production’ means
  2. To agree what ‘accessible’ means
  3. Understand what the current crisis plans are like
  4. To agree what ‘good’ looks like
  5. Develop a plan for improvement

Expressions of interest to be part of the group are invited from:

  • People who are currently accessing LYPFT mental health or learning disability services and carers
  • People who have accessed LYPFT mental health or learning disability services in the last 2 years and carers

The group will be jointly led by service users and will meet monthly to start with.  The group will decide its terms of reference.

If you are interested and want to find out more, please come along to:

York Service User Network Event

Thursday 25th June 2015

The Library, Friends Meeting House, Friargate, York YO1 9RL

If you want to be involved but can’t make it to the meeting, contact:

Jeff Whiley, Locality Manager  j.whiley@nhs.net 07852538247 or 01904294687

or Donna Kemp CPA Development Manager donna.kemp@nhs.net 07985 259082

York Service User Network

sun. novThe York Service User Network started in September 2014 and now meets monthly. The next meeting is on Friday 28th November at 1.15 and is at a new venue on Friargate. The meetings are relaxed and informal, the first half hour is devoted to welcoming people and sharing a cuppa. There is an agenda and this month there will be a discussion about Recovery, followed by a Q & A session. Some time will be put by to discuss the coming year and what the group would like to be included on the agenda. Everyone is welcome!



Choice: a priority for people accessing mental health services?

At Leeds and York Partnership  NHS Foundation Trust we are developing guidance for staff to help ensure that people are offered choice, including choice of worker. What is your view on people being offered a choice of worker? Please complete this quick poll, responses are anonymous.

If you would like to contribute to the development of this guidance or want to share your views to inform its development, then please contact donna.kemp@nhs.net Click here to read the comments from Twitter

Choice is a hot topic in Mental Health at the moment. People will be able to choose where they have their first outpatient appointment under choose and book, providing equal status between physical and mental health services.  This is a welcome move, but is only part of the story; Dr Sean Lennon writes about the broader picture of choice, of collaborating with service users, empowering people to make autonomous decisions about their own care and lives “Mental health service users are no different from anyone else in that they want to be able to exercise choice. They want to be treated with respect and be supported by skilled staff to receive high-quality care. Freedom of choice is absolutely fundamental to these aspirations”. You can read the full story here.

Locally, people attending the Service User Network (SUN) pulled together their views about choice and how they want to be treated within mental health services. The discussions were lively – clearly people had strong views about this and there were many stories highlighting the importance of choice and how it makes a difference to the persons experience and their progress. You can read about ‘Choice and how people want to be treated: key messages from SUN’ here.  There is more information about Leeds SUN here; you can click here for details about a developing service user group in York and there is also the Independent Mental Health Service User Forum, you can read about how to contact them and what they do here.


‘Service User Network’ York

Delighted to share that the next meeting of the York Service User Network (name yet to be decided) is 31st October; all welcome to attend:York sun

Service User Network: what it’s all about

SUN logo.JPG 3

Here, Bev Thornton and Anne Perry tell us all about the Service User Network…….

What is the Service User Network (SUN)?

It’s a monthly get together which service users, carers and staff attend to share their ideas, give feedback and shared experiences which are used to directly influence practice. The main aim of the group is to work hand in hand with Trust aimed at improving services provided.

The events have a very friendly atmosphere which is hosted by two recovery and social inclusion workers, Bev bec and anneThornton and Anne Perry, who help encourage service users to give their views on topics that relate directly to the members.

Service users are also encouraged to participate in community involvement events as well as socialising and bringing general queries about Trust services to SUN. SUN meetings are based on the Recovery principles of empowerment, hope and equality, acceptance, choice, actively encouraging interest and participation in doing something meaningful, believing in people.  At the same time incorporating the Trusts values of respect, dignity, commitment to quality of care, working together, improving lives, compassion, and everyone counts.

SUN has guest speakers every month to involve and advise the service users giving them valuable information and two way feedback in aiding service users continued personal recovery.

Who are the SUN members?

They are service users, carer’s and staff who represent a diverse community groups.  Bev and Anne have promoted the SUN to outside community groups and have established a good attendance from these groups, providing diverse and wide range of knowledge and life experiences.

Current Membership

Current membership is 47.  Bev and Anne are continually canvassing to increase membership.  They are now looking to establish a SUN in the West of Leeds and in the future the South.

 What can SUN do for me?

You can bring your ideas or concerns about Trust Services to SUN and it will be reported to the Trust governance/committee meetings for comment and action ensuring service users issues are addressed and dealt with.

From service users point of view SUN has helped them in their own recovery by giving them a voice, which is listened to and valued.  For example changes to the Care Programme Approach were due directly to service user’s feedback, which shows how valued and respected the SUN’s opinion is.

People are encouraged to tell their own stories, which prove to be a positive experience for all service users and unites the group. People are invited to participate in involvement requests from the Trust i.e. interview panels, Psychiatrist training, test ward rounds prior to Care Quality Commission inspections

SUN‘s success has meant that all Trust policies and procedures are brought to SUN for consultation prior to implementation.

When and where does SUN & mini SUN meet?

St Chad’s

The first Wednesday of every month 12.45 to 15.00 at St Chad’s Community Hall, Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds, LS16 5JT.  Refreshments are provided.  Public Travel expenses can be reimbursed.

sun members say


Volunteers with lived experience wanted in South Leeds


My name is Michelle Wood, I work as the admin manager at Aire Court Community Unit in Middleton Leeds. My role is to ensure a good standard of admin support is provided to our clinical and medical team.

During my time here I have seen how the clinical and medical team’s involvement has made a difference to people who experience Mental Health difficulties; it’s great to see how people progress, recover and get on with their lives.

Part of people’s wellbeing and recovery can be having a purpose and activity in their lives. For some this is about working, education or training, for others it’s about getting involved in hobbies and interests, filling the day with things they enjoy doing. As part of this, we are looking at how we can involve volunteers at Aire Court.

Aire Ct

At present we have a large reception area that has lots of potential. We would like to see this area being used creatively, a place to provide information, where people can find out about some of the things that might support their wellbeing and recovery in their local area – for example leaflets on gardening groups, coffee mornings, fishing, walking groups, art groups. It would be great to hear more about people’s experience of the care, support and treatment they receive at Aire Court, we could gather this in a number of ways and respond in the way we deliver the service. , We would also like to offer tea and coffee to people coming to the unit for their appointment. Overall, we want to promote a community feel to the reception.

We are looking for people to volunteer some of their time to develop the reception area. Ideally, you would be able to provide some time regularly and together, with other volunteers, you would develop the reception area.

Who are we looking for? It’s important that you have or have had some lived experience of mental health difficulty. If this is you and you want to get involved in volunteering, then contact me by email michelle.wood7@nhs.net to express your interest and we can have a discussion about it.

Many thanks




Leeds learning disability week June 16th-20th

LD Awareness week

World Cup 5-a-side tournament, picnic in the park, photography competition – just a few examples of what’s going on in this busy week of campaigning and awareness raising in Leeds, visit the website here for more events and the details.

Nationally, Mencap are asking ‘Do you remember your first time?’, inviting the sharing of stories and experiences of overcoming adversity, prejudice and ignorance to experience some fab firsts. Click here for more information about how to share your story.

Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat – have your say in Leeds

crisis care concordat

Community stuff happening across Leeds & York

So here are a few events that are going off in the next few weeks or so:

Deaf Awareness 23rd April – York

A new initiative to encourage more staff and volunteers to take up  Deaf Awareness is now available in Yorkshire.

Signs4Life have set up an introductory workshop in Deaf Awareness tohelp staff to communicate and engage with their deaf & hard of hearing colleagues, service users, students, patients and clients in York.

The Deaf Awareness event will be taking place Wednesday 23 April 2014 at York CVS, 15 Priory Street, York (YO1 6ET) from 2pm – 4pm.

This local initiative is to help identify barriers that deaf people face and explore their culture and community but also to encourage inclusion of all people with sensory, physical or learning disabilities in York. Attendance is strictly by booking only (limited places).

For further information please contact Sara on  info@signs4life.org<mailto:info@signs4life.org

Employment Peer Support Workshop  6th and 16th May – Leeds

The Employment Peer Support service at WorkPlace Leeds is offering a new workshop (see flyer) and we’re looking for volunteers to share their stories of mental health and employment. As a volunteer you would attend a group workshop (12 people max.) where you would take part in a Q&A session and share some of your tips for maintaining your wellbeing at work. It will be a safe, supportive, peer led environment and we will pay your travel expenses. We’re running two sessions – one at Clarence House, 6pm – 8:30pm on 6th May and the second one at De Lacey House, 10pm – 12:30pm on the 16th May.

If you’re interested please fill in the form and email it back to emlyn.hagan@workplaceleeds.org.uk or call 0113 2302631 if you want a chat about the workshop or the mentoring.

Service User Network 7th May – Leeds

The Service User Network are meeting on Wednesday 7th May @ St Chad.s , Headingley, Leeds 12.45 – 3,00. Click here for more info.

 Love Arts York Festival  12-30th May – York

The first Love Arts York festival will run from Monday 12 May to Friday 30 May.  Steven Wrigley-Howe, one of our Trust’s Non-executive Directors, is directing the festival which is a collaboration between local organisations and individuals, with the aim of using the arts to get people talking about mental health and wellbeing.

For further information and details on how to get involved, please e-mail stevenwrigleyhowe@me.com or visit the Love Arts York Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LoveArtsYork

 #mHealthHabitat Show and Tell 14th May – Leeds

Our #mHealthHabitat Show and Tell events are all about exploring the intersection between health, wellbeing and digital (for example, mobile apps and websites) as well as creativity. We bring people accessing services, clinicians, developers, designers and coders together to learn, share and build relationships for collaboration.

It’s all part of our mission to create a habitat in Leeds where mHealth can flourish. We want a city where people are active partners in keeping well and in managing their health when they are unwell and we believe digital is an important enabler in making this happen. You can find out more at www.mhealthleeds.co.uk or follow us on Twitter @mHealthLeeds.

We have three speakers who will share how they are using digital in different ways to both manage their health, the health of the people they care for, and to transform health services. We’ll also have an ‘open mic’ slot for you to Show and Tell digital innovations you are developing, ask for help or share a bright idea – don’t be shy – we’d love to hear what you’re up to and how we might be able to support each other.

If you are interested in speaking at a future event, we’d love to hear from you victoria.betton@nhs.net

Service User/Carer involvement in Trust recruitment in York

Have you had experience of inpatient services  or do you know of service users/carers in York, in particular people who have had experience of inpatient services at Bootham Park Hospital, who may be willing to be involved in recruitment for our Trust? If you, or anyone you know might be interested, please could you  e-mail communications.lypft@nhs.net  to register your interest or please provide their contact details to the same e-mail address.

Participants would need to attend a short workshop session on recruitment as part of their involvement.


Feel free to drop me an email donna.kemp@nhs.net or tweet @donnajkemp to share what you have up and coming across leeds and York for folk to get involved in – event, inititive, project, intersting stuff!

And, if you do get involved in any of the above – be great to hear how it went on here, its good to share 🙂


Art competition

CPAA Art Competition

Open to all Mental Health and Learning Disability Service Users and Carers


Our journal ‘The Approach’ is produced on a quarterly basis and we are looking for four designs to use on the cover depicting either: spring, summer, autumn or winter.

All entries must be of your own design, 2D, no bigger than A3 and suitable for reproducing.  If you do not wish to submit your original artwork we will accept scanned images.  Any computerised, digital or scanned artwork submitted must be of a high-resolution, and either posted to us on a disc or memory stick, or sent electronically via email.

The closing date for the competition is 3rd April 2014 and winners will be notified by 10th April.  Winners will receive £30.00 of artist materials, a year’s free subscription to ‘The Approach’ and a certificate.  Runners up will receive £10.00 of artist materials and a certificate, and along with the winners, see their work published the May 2014 edition of ‘The Approach’.

Each photograph / artwork must be clearly labelled with name and contact details and accompanied with a completed submission form – click here. Alternatively submission forms can be obtained from the CPAA (see address below or www.cpaa.org.uk Any entry received without a submission form will not be considered.

Entries should be sent to:

Denise Baxendale, CPAA Lead Officer, CPAA, Walton Hospital, Whitecotes Lane, Chesterfield. S40 3HW.  Digital or scanned entries should be emailed to: cpa.association@derbyshcft.nhs.uk

If you require further information or assistance then please contact:

Denise Baxendale at the above address or telephone:

01246 515 975

Recovery is a reality, see people, see potential


This flyer can be downloaded here; please circulate and display

Good luck!

NHS Change Day – shared conversations

NHS Change Day is on 3rd March 2014 and is a frontline led movement; the largest of its kind, with a shared purpose of improving health and care. The mission is to inspire and mobilise people everywhere, staff, patients and the public to something better together to improve care for people.

This is my pledge: “I pledge to involve people that use services in decisions and actions to improve planning care. I will do this through promoting shared conversations between people that use services, supporters, clinicians, managers and leaders, starting with LYPFT Planning Care Network”. What will your pledge be? – visit NHS Change Day to make, join or like a pledge.

If you use mental health services or are a carer/supporter of someone who does, then please come along to this event to join in the conversation.  If you are a member of staff or one of our partner agencies, then please let the people you work with know about this opportunity to get involved in sharing views.

Hope to see you there


Conversation event - York

Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Service

Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Service is looking for new people to join our Board of Trustees

About the opportunity

Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Service is a vibrant, highly respected, innovative and multi award-winning charity. We provide services to people in acute mental health crisis, which are alternatives to hospital admission or statutory services. The Board of Trustees play a crucial role in leading and steering the organisation and upholding its vision and philosophy.

The role of Trustee involves meeting, usually on a Monday afternoon on a bi monthly basis and occasional additional involvement, such as sitting on interview panels for staff. You will need to be able to make a minimum commitment to LSLCS of 6 afternoon meetings per year. New Trustees are provided with a supportive induction and are mentored by an existing Trustee for the first six months of involvement.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for people with direct experience of emotional distress, who are currently using mental health services and who have an interest in alternative, pioneering ways of working with distress and crisis. People currently using the services of LSLCS are not eligible to be trustees, but can attend Board meetings as expert advisors.

We are particularly keen to achieve a more diverse Board of Trustees and we welcome applications from all sections of the community.

All new trustees are subject to a DBS check.

Contact for further details

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Trustee with Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Service please contact us on survivor.led@lslcs.org.uk or phone 0113 260 9328.


Enquire today and participate in an enriching experience which directly impacts on improving the lives of people with mental health problems in Leeds.


I met (virtually!) with Fiona Venner from Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Service.  She updated me about the service and the benefits it brings to people across Leeds in a Q&A.

Q.  Can you tell me about Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Service and what it offers? 

Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Service was set up in 1999 by a group of service users. The service was established, and continues to be governed and managed, by people with direct experience of mental health problems. We have our own unique perspectives on what it feels like to be in crisis and what helps and does not help. We have developed our service based on this knowledge and experience, while responding to the needs articulated by our visitors and callers.

We provide the following services:

Connect               0808 800 1212

Connect is a telephone helpline open 6-10.30 every night of the year. The service provides emotional support and information for people in distress. We receive around 5,000 calls a year. People can ring who are in crisis, anxious, depressed or lonely. They will be offered non judgemental and empathic support and information about other services, if requested. Connect supports people in crisis, as well as providing a preventative service, by supporting people before they reach crisis point. Connect also receives funding to provide emotional support to people who are carers.

Connect now offers online support to callers via our website. This provides an alternative to talking on the phone.

Connect is staffed by volunteers who have gone through a comprehensive and rigorous training programme and receive ongoing supervision, training and support. Many of them have their own experiences of mental health problems. Each shift is supervised by a paid shift supervisor.

Dial House          0113 260 9328

Dial House is a place of sanctuary open 6pm-2am Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Visitors can access when they are in crisis. They can telephone to request a visit, or turn up at the door 6-10.30.

Visitors can use the house as time out from a difficult situation or a home environment where they may feel unsafe or that may exacerbate their difficulties. Visitors can relax in a homely environment and can also gain one to one support from the team of Crisis Support Workers.

At Dial House we have a family room, so parents in crisis can bring children with them. We also transport visitors to and from the house by taxi, to make their journey safe and comfortable.

Dial House is now accessible to Deaf people. We can provide access to the service via text instead of phone and have BSL trained support workers to support Deaf visitors to the service.

Dial House @ Touchstone           0113 249 4675

Dial House @ Touchstone is the Dial House service, provided 6pm-11pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Touchstone Support Centre. The service provides crisis support to people from Black and Minority Ethnic Groups.

Dial House @ Touchstone is a partnership between Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Service and Touchstone. It brings together LSLCS’s expertise in providing crisis services and Touchstone’s in supporting people from BME groups.

Dial House @ Touchstone has received £500k in Lottery funding for five years. The project will open to new visitors on 1st October 2013.

The service is staffed by a Manager, Senior Crisis Support Worker and three Crisis Support Workers who are all from BME groups.

The service provides a place of sanctuary, emotional support and information. The staff will work in Dial House @ Touchstone and Dial House. The aim is to provide a culturally specific service at Dial House @ Touchstone, but also to provide a bridge to Dial House and make this service more accessible.

Dial House @ Touchstone is available for anyone from a BME group, including Refugees and Asylum Seekers. As with Dial House, transport and childcare are provided.

Group Work                       0113 260 9328

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Group, Tuesday 4-6

Hearing Voices Group, Wednesday 12-2

My Time Thursday peer and social support group, Thursday 12-3

Man-age men’s group, Thursday 3.15-5.15

Self Harm Group, Saturday 11-1

Coping with Crisis Group, Saturday 2-4

Q. What do people say about the service – what kind of difference does it make?

Here are some direct quotes from visitors and callers about the differences our services make:

“Just a short note to say thanks to Katharine for helping me to wash my hair.  It seems like such a simple thing to help with, but it is the fact that Dial House are there to help with everything including simple things which makes Dial House such a unique and fantastic place.”

“Dial House is mint!  It’s proper ace, it’s decent, proper nice.  Staff are really good, they listen and people are well nice to be around.  It’s cool to be around people who know what you have been through and who understand you – people who don’t judge you.”

“Its like a sanctuary here, I calmed down as soon as I walked in, feel safe and more like me again”

“I started to come to Dial House about 2 ½ years ago.  When I turned up I was suffering from bad depression and drug addiction.  I was very messed up, the staff here stuck by me and didn’t judge me, they also helped me believe in myself which gave me a little hope and helped me on my way to rehab.  I am doing really well and Dial House are still here for me, I am so grateful for Dial House.  Thank you.”

“Can I first start by saying my life is one big struggle.  I suffer with manic depression and at the moment Dial House is keeping me alive.  I don’t have much family that supports me or friends.  What you all are offering to me and I am sure lots of other people is not just somebody to talk to but a life line.  I hope that all the staff here can just stop a minute to realise how much you all are cared and loved by me.  Thanks so much for saving my life on so many occasions.”

“This is the best crisis service I have come across in all my time in Mental Health.”

“You have saved my life and given me the will to live”

Q. How can people get involved?

We are always looking for new volunteers for the Connect Helpline. Call 0113 260 9328 if you are interested in volunteering.

Q. What are the key messages for mental health staff?

In my opinion, the most important qualities to provide in a mental health service are:

  • Listening

“You listen, you don’t judge, you don’t tell me what to do.”

  • Treating people with warmth, kindness and respect,

“Thank you for all your wonderful warmth and for making me feel a worthwhile person tonight.”

  • People not feeling judged or assessed

“It is different to other services – it is easier to talk to staff. Staff are nice. They don’t judge you or put a label on you – saying ‘that’s what’s wrong with you.’”

  • Providing a different, safe and alternative environment

“It gets me out of the environment I am in, where I am alone, my minds racing with impulsive thoughts. It gives me a break from all of that and I return home and can go to sleep, a decent sort of sleep.”

  • Peer support

“It gives me a break. By being around people in the same situation as you; you are not having to feel ashamed.”

Thank you for the update Fiona 🙂

If you are in the voluntary sector in Leeds or York and want to share what you do and the benefits it brings to people, then get in touch via donna.kemp@nhs.net

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