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What’s happening in LYPFT about Planning Care?


Take a look through this presentation – CPA- Making a Difference to get a feel for what we want to achieve and to see what is in the Leeds and York Partnership NHS Trust Planning Care Workplan.

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The Planning Care Workplan Implementation Group (PCWIG) are a group of people representing: service users; carers/supporters; staff; adult social care; and managers,  who meet together to monitor the progress of the actions in the Planning Care Workplan.

Here is the summary of the meeting held on 6th August 2015:-

  1. Work to pull together ‘what’s going on where’ in relation to service user groups and fora is underway. This is being led by the Head of Service Improvement.
  2. Service User Network – chair of the group concerned that the issues within the SUN minutes where not being consistently responded to by the Trust; the group discussed how this could be improved and made suggested for actions between LYPFT and Sun. SUN meetings will be held at a new venue from September: Leeds Media Centre
  3. Project aimed at improving occurrence and experience of Care Programme Approach Reviews is underway, baseline data is collected and interventions are planned. Currently includes Recovery and Rehab at Acomb and Ward 6 at Bootham Park Hospital.
  4. The York quality and improvement work around crisis plans – co-production and accessibility is progressing, the report for July has been finalised.
  5. A group have met to review the Procedure for the management of Adult Service Users with Diagnosis of both Mental Health and Learning Disabilities. Updates will be made to the title and the content will incorporate the changing national priorities for people with learning disabilities or autism. First draft is expected in October.
  6. Care group actions plans to address the findings in the Care Programme Approach Audit are due by early September.
  7. Paper published by Penny Bee et al. was discussed ‘The systematic synthesis of barriers and facilitators to service user led care planning’. Recognisable issues were presented. This links in with the EQUIP study, Trust keen to learn from this.
  8. Service User experience Media Clip – This piece of work has been agreed, a number of service users to provide their views and experience of CPA, anticipated that there will be mixed experiences. Group recommends that this is extended to carers. Aim is to be able to bring people’s voices and experiences to training sessions; also available to others in the Trust. The recording is scheduled for October.

If you have any comments or suggestions to make to the Planning Care Workplan Implementation Group, then please either leave a comment here or email planningcarelypft@nhs.net

Donna Kemp (on behalf of the Planning Care Workplan Implementation Group)

Here are the key points from the 2nd April 2015 meeting, held at Trust HQ, Leeds:-

  1. The service user experience of review final report is now available to staff; service users and carers – here.
  2. The Trust has signed up for involvement in the EQUIP trial; 6 community teams will paired and randomised to control and intervention groups. The intervention involves 2 days of training aimed at enhancing the quality of service user involvement in planning care. The group will be updated on progress.
  3. Improving CPA reviews on the inpatient areas in York has been identified as part of the Trusts Recovery Programme; starting initially on 2 of the wards. The group will be updated on progress.
  4. New work plan for 2015/16 was agreed; to be presented to Effective Care Group. Work plan to focus upon 5 areas: engagement, research and development, providing information, policy & national initiatives and shared learning.
  5. An update on Integrated Care Pathways was provided
  6. Work is underway in developing guidance for staff in Choice of Worker – this includes allocation, communication and a procedure for responding to a request to change worker. This will be brought to the next meeting.
  7. New care plans for CPA and Standard Care Plan are anticipated in May; currently in final stage of development.
  8. Minutes from York and Leeds Service User Networks were presented.

If you have any comments or suggestions to make to the Planning Care Workplan Implementation Group, then please either leave a comment here or email planningcarelypft@nhs.net

Donna Kemp (on behalf of the Planning Care Workplan Implementation Group)

Here are the key points from the 5th February 2015 meeting, held at Bootham Park Hospital, York:-

  1. Many York services have now moved onto PARIS (electronic patient record); people will record care plans and reviews on PARIS as the next review is due. New referrals will have their care plans recorded on PARIS.
  2. The Patient Experience Team are compiling a report detailing Trustwide service user and carer feedback from a number of sources, including the national service user survey. Workshops will be held to explore the feedback and agree responses from the Care Groups. The report will come to this group.
  3. Friends and Family Test results should be available to the group for next meeting.
  4. The WorkPlan for 2015/16 is near completion; likely sign off at next meeting.
  5. The service user experience of review final report was accepted; this is to be available to staff; service users and carers.
  6. A researcher focusing on evidence based improvement, is working alongside the group to focus upon increasing service -user involvement in care planning. She is currently scoping the project.
  7. There is work in progress in developing guidance for staff in ‘Choice of Worker’; aimed at supporting a consistent approach to responding to people requesting a change of worker.
  8. An overview of Self Directed Support was presented; changes in light of the Health and Social Care Act to be presented in a blog.
  9. Minutes from Leeds and York Service User Networks were presented.

Donna Kemp (on behalf of the Planning Care Workplan Implementation Group)


Here are the key points from the 4th December 2014 meeting, held at Trust HQ, Colton:-

  1. The York Service User Network is up and running as of September. This is for people accessing mental health services across York, Selby and Tadcaster. Terms of reference will be shared with the group once agreed.
  2. A researcher, seconded to the Trust to work on Evidence Based Improvement, presented her work around Care Programme Approach and asked the group of their view on what area of CPA should be prioritised. The group reported that service user involvement in developing the care plan along with ensuring the person gets a copy of their care plan were their priority recommendations.
  3. A paper was presented: a Review of CQC MHA monitoring visits. the group were asked to incorporate the findings in next years work-plan.
  4. Advocacy reports from A4MH and Cloverleaf were received; they are to go to the relevant Care Groups Clinical Governance Councils for consideration and response.
  5. The York CPA booklet is now printed and available for service users and carers.
  6. The follow-up CPA audit has actions identified from York Care Group but awaits final actions from other Care Groups before the final report can be circulated. Next CPA audit is due for data collection March 2015.
  7. Planning Care Awareness Sessions are due to commence in December; this is open to staff, partner agencies, people accessing LYPFT services and carers.

Donna Kemp (on behalf of the Planning Care Workplan Implementation Group)

Here are the key points from the 7th August 2014 meeting, held at Trust HQ, Colton:-

  1. One member of the group had undertaken some research about CPA as part of  a masters programme; to be invited to share this with the group.
  2. Advance Statements – work continues to raise staff and service user/carer awareness of advance statements. Uptake is being monitored. Discussion about how this could be promoted more widely.
  3. There have been some early discussions about developing a self-help recovery tool; this is being led outside the Trust.
  4. Report due soon about the CPA review questionnaire. Donna Kemp to share this through the Planning Care Network.
  5. The external website has now been updated in relation to Planning Care.
  6. York CPA booklet is in final draft and awaiting sign off.
  7. York CPA Workstream – currently working on CPA Review packs, to improve consistency and promote collaborative working. Pack to be shared with the group as this approach could be used more widely.
  8. CPA Audit – Care Groups are currently developing action plans, to be brought to the next meeting. Head of Audit provided information about the Well Led Framework and how this relates to quality. Next CPA audit is due for data collection early 2015.
  9. Planning Care Checklist – This received positive feedback, it was suggested that it is produced in A3 and displayed in team offices.
  10. CPA training to be half day awareness sessions starting in September 2014. This will be supplemented with a team based development approach – currently underway at South South-East Hub in Leeds.
  11. Themes from Service User Network were presented – attitudes towards people with diagnosis of personality disorder and changing care coordinator upon request.

Donna Kemp (on behalf of the Planning Care Workplan Implementation Group)

Here are the key points from the 5th June 2014 meeting, held at Bootham Park Hospital, York:-

  1. Service User Network (SUN) expanding with the development of a further SUN in Lovell Park. SUN or similar needed in York, plans not confirmed as yet.
  2. People who have had a Care Programme Approach (CPA) review continue to be posted out a questionnaire that asks about their experience (more about this here). Some people have been on contact to say they have received a questionnaire when they have not had a review. Updating the care plan on the electronic record triggers the questionnaire being sent.
  3. Wording about Planning Care has been drafted as a starting point for the external website; this is currently being consulted on.
  4. The CPA information booklets for Leeds are now printed and available. It was agreed in the group that care coordinators should distribute these to people either following assessment or at review rather than be sent out centrally. The booklet for York needs slight revision and checks to ensure the correct contact numbers are in place.
  5. The CPA audit  is a follow-up to the full audit that took place in 2012. The results were presented as a whole and also as care group specific. Each care group to agree their actions in response to the recommendations.
  6. Work continues to promote Advance Statements; this is intended to include York; this supports wellbeing and recovery. The recovery model to be rolled out again soon, ideally to include GP’s.
  7. Service User and Carer conversation event planned for people accessing services from Aire Court
  8. Training – the full day care coordination training will be reviewed and a team based approach will be introduced, starting with South South-East Hub.

Donna Kemp (on behalf of the Planning Care Workplan Implementation Group)

Here are the key points from the first meeting on 6th February 2014 meeting, held at Bootham Park Hospital, York:-

  1. Planning Care Network is up and running; all welcome to join/follow. Anyone wanting to post an article/discussion can contact donna.kemp@nhs.net to arrange access. Post cards to be created to promote the Network.
  2. CPA Care Plan name – 273 votes were counted; top results:- CPA Care Plan – leave it as it is = 38%. My Wellbeing & Recovery Plan = 25%.  Interpretation options 1) first past the post would mean that CPA Care Plan is chosen 2) 38% want to keep it the same, 62% want a change (of which Wellbeing & Recovery Plan was favourite).  It was agreed that the voting told us that people do want to change the name of the CPA Care Plan but that another vote should take place to determine which name this should be – click here to vote now.
  3. New model for involvement and engagement proposed/being developed; this includes drop in/café style ‘gathering’ aligned to each community team. To link in to Leeds and York ‘Service User Networks’, reporting to the Council of Governors.
  4. Ventures proposed to have their Obesity and Lifestyle Integrated Care Pathway agreed as a standard care plan. This was agreed as it meets the agreed standards and is person centred.
  5. Responses to the CPA Review questionnaire are coming in – click here for more info.
  6. Programme of sessions aimed at supporting staff in working with people/communities that are hard to reach is being developed.
  7. A workshop is being planned to explore the data that we have in relation to Planning Care; this is to help inform understanding of the National Service User Survey results and consider what this means for us. The workshop will include people who use the service, carers/supporters, frontline staff, operational managers as well as colleagues with DATA expertise. Further details coming soon.
  8. CPA posters and leaflets are being distributed to clinical and waiting areas across York and Leeds; the leaflet has been translated into Polish, Czech, Farsi, and Urdu as the most popular language requests.
  9. CPA audit is imminent with data collection planned from 24th February.
  10. Involving service users in care coordination/ CPA training is being explored, looking at 2 approaches to this 1. Co-facilitation, 2. Using media to capture York/Leeds service user views/experience. Click here for more information; people interested in getting involved should contact donna.kemp@nhs.net.
  11. Team based learning/development discussed; this is focused on quality and is done in collaboration with the team; to commence with the community teams.

Donna Kemp (on behalf of the Planning care Workplan Implementation Group)

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