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Assessing spiritual needs in mental health

I was delighted to meet with Rev Melodie Timball last week to talk about Spirituality and mental health. Melodie has a specific goal: that everyone accessing mental health services at Leeds and York Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust has an assessment of their spiritual needs.

keeping the faithNot sure about what Spirituality and mental health have to do with each other? You can read about it here (The Royal College of Psychiatrists) and here (Mental Health Foundation).

Royal College of Nursing have published a handbook, Spirituality in Nursing Care.  Guidelines for nursing staff are relevant to mental health nursing and are practical too, for example:

“Just as you would assess your patients’ physical needs, an initial assessment of their spiritual concerns is also important. You may find questions such as these helpful:

do you have a way of making sense of the things that happen to you?

• what sources of support/help do you look to when life is difficult?

• would you like to see someone who can help you?

• would you like to see someone who can help you talk or think through the impact of this illness/life event? (You don’t have to be religious to talk to them).”

With everything jostling for a place on the ‘must do’ list, what is the mandate for assessing spiritual needs? Nice have a quality statement: Quality Statement 6: End of life care for adults – People approaching the end of life are offered spiritual and religious support appropriate to their needs and preferences.

But what about everyone else? And when I say everyone, I mean everyone – staff included!

I’m not sure there has to be a stick for this. I think the carrot is tasty enough.




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