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How the meetings went…….

Well it was good to meet with people who are interested in Planning Care.  There were 2 meetings held on Wednesday 20th November – York in the morning and Leeds in the afternoon.

The idea of the meetings was to gather informally to present the concept of the Planning Care Network, to talk about how it might work  and to explore any issues that arose.  The Network is for people to share their views and ideas about Planning Care; it is everyones Network.

LYPFT’s Planning Care standing support group (awaiting a name change) has an annual work plan to progress quality and engagement in Planning Care, covering CPA, Standard Care Plan, Self Directed Support  as well as local and national initiatives. The idea is that the Network feeds into the Planning Care standing support group, letting the group know about what’s important to people that use the service, carers, supporters, staff and partner agencies, and that the Network members contribute to solutions and get involved in work groups to progress agreed work. A summary of the Planning Care standing support groups minutes and the work plan will be posted on the Network;  a couple of representatives for the Network are requested to attend the meeting – held bi-monthly.

People that use the service, carers and supporters sharing their experiences and ideas is a positive way of getting an understanding of what is important. Sharing service or team experiences of Planning Care is welcomed; it may be what is working well, or what could work better.  Sharing examples of good practice is a way of helping other teams to make changes.

Some very interesting points were raised by the people at the meeting,  such as:

How do we reach the people that don’t use social media?

How about people who don’t use English as their first language?

What if people post comments that they later regret?

The questions prompted discussion in the groups; the Planning Care Network is one of a number of ways that we are trying to engage with people.  Ideas around producing a postcard to promote the Network were discussed; this could be a way of staff offering the people that they are working with the opportunity to participate in the Network; postcards could be made available in public places such as libraries, where people would have access to computers.  There are also plans to introduce computer access to service users in parts of the Trust. It would be great to hear more about this on the blog……….

It was suggested that help line numbers be available on the blog so that people can access them if needed; a link to the external website would address this as it has a number of useful numbers listed including the Single Point of Access number – I will add an About LYPFT page this week.  Any other suggestions or comments about this are welcomed – just blog.

Comments posted on the blog are published as you hit return; there is no filtering or censoring of the comments before they are published.  This will be reviewed over time but it was felt that people should not have to wait to see their contribution go live and that people should feel free to contribute their views.   If you make a comment that you later regret then you can either post another comment saying as much, or contact me and I can remove it for you as administrator (there may be other options but I am still learning about blogging!).  Feel free to comment on this, it would be great to hear your views.

For those of you that couldn’t make the meetings, this is the power point presentation Planning Care Network ppt.

That’s all for now; thank you for reading, please consider the questions and post your views.  Also, if you are interested in representing the Network at the Planning Care standing support group then please express your interest via email donna.kemp@nhs.net


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